LOGLINE: A surprising and unedited story that crosses Belarus,  Lithuania,  Russia, Italy,  Brazil, Israel. A story of children devastated and saved. A innovative visual language to narrate the past and current events that merge in the implacable force of PALOMA, a baby girl of 83-year-old of Jewish origin, today one most important benefactors in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Written and directed by Gianni Torres (www.giannitorres.com)

With: Antonieta Felmanas/Taibale Reichel,

and Roberto Loeb, Michelle Caetano, Isadora Marchi de Almeida, Leda Maria da Silva, Robson Santana,  Buiú, Fernando Flash, Caio Santo Amore,

Moacir, Rosana Vazoler........

Genre: Documentary - Biographic/Social/Historical/Holocaust

Length: 54' - 80'

Music: Vince Abbracciante

Visual Art & Graphic: César Meneghetti (www.cesarmeneghetti.net)

Locations: Picinguaba (Ubatuba) - Grajaù, Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo (Brazil),  Milan (Italy)...

Co-Production ITALY/BRAZIL:  GTCONTENT media productions (Italy) – CASADEFORÇA PRODUÇÕES LTDA (Brazil)

CONTACT: production@palomadocumentary.com